The Value Legacy

The Value Legacy Episode 4 - Faizal Kottikollon, Shabana Faizal and Sophiya Faizal

Episode Summary

This is what you can look forward to in Episode 4 of The Value Legacy...a real family affair - and a family dedicated to social enterprise and to effecting real change. And much much more... The Value Legacy is the podcast for the family business generation, telling the stories of successful family businesses. The Value Legacy is intended to become a repository of family business stories, collected online for posterity and to be enjoyed by all. Arch Corporation (DIFC) Limited is responsible for The Value Legacy. Arch Corporation (DIFC) Limited offers family business and wealth management advisory services. Arch DIFC also offers unique real estate investment opportunities that the Toronto-based Arch Asset Management team provides to institutional and family office investors. Arch in the DIFC is led by Vinod Krishnan. Vinod has a track record of almost three decades in multi-dimensional management consultancy assignments advising ultra-high-net-worth families on inter-generational wealth transfer.

Episode Notes

In The Value Legacy we hear from the people who have built lasting family legacies.

From the Gulf region and beyond.


We ask them about each aspect of their family business…

…from the Social; to the Financial; to the Family; and, to the Human.

We'll ask about the good times - and the not-so-good times.

We'll ask about the future. And, we'll ask about the past…

We'll be asking family business principals to share their story.


In episode four we're pleased to welcome a true family affair 


On The Value Legacy, episode four, Faisal Koticollon, Shabana Faisal and Sophiya Faisal join us from KEF Holdings to discuss their business and personal journey.

From a cool retail scene back home in India, to Emirates Techno Casting in Sharjah, to precast construction and exiting two businesses...this is a family social enterprise dedicated to offering quality education and healthcare in India...

We'll tell the story of a family who, by their own admission, don't enjoy a lifestyle of the rich and famous...rather, they want to keep on giving back.


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